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Sun, June 23

Seattle, Washington

3:30 PM

Mon, June 24

At Sea

Tue, June 25

Juneau, Alaska

2:30 PM


Wed, June 26

Skagway, Alaska

7:00 AM


Thu, June 27

Cruise Glacier Bay

Fri, June 28

Ketchikan, Alaska

6:00 AM

1:00 PM

Sat, June 29

Victoria, British Columbia

7:30 PM

11:59 PM

Sun, June 30

Seattle, Washington

6:00 AM

CE Lecture



Oh the Pus! Oh the Pain!

Appropriate Antibiotic and Analgesic Prescribing


Wouldn't it be nice to go to a continuing education program that gives you the tools to be more successful starting on Monday morning? Wouldn't it be great to be known as the dentist who offers excellent pain-free, post-operative care without the use of narcotics? Wouldn't you like to be more confident in all of your prescription writing, knowing that you are on the cutting edge, that you are evidence-based and that you are guideline-driven? This is that program.

In 2010, enough opioids were sold to medicate each American adult at a dose of 5mg of hydrocodone every four hours for one month. You do not want to be part of this problem. Remember the Spiderman Principle that, “with great power there must also come – great responsibility.” And what about all of those new antibiotics you keep hearing about? Are they really the latest and greatest? Are there really new guidelines when it comes to antibiotic prophylaxis?

This interactive program looks at the appropriate prescribing of analgesics and antibiotics with a particular focus on the dental realm. Case studies will augment the delivery of key points and a problem-based learning approach is encouraged so that each participant's questions are addressed.

Objectives to be covered:

þ Discuss the pathophysiology of pain as it relates to dentistry.

þ Understand the perfect analgesic recipe to keep (almost) all of your patients out of pain – first time, every time.

þ Describe the different types of antibiotics available and how to match the right drug to the right bug.

þ Know the appropriate approach to patients at risk of SBE and which of your orthopedic patients really require antibiotic prophylaxis.

þ Learn how to help make all of your appointments successful for you, your Team and your patients.

I Want My Mommy! (“Somebody call 9-1-1…”)

Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office: What's in your medical emergency kit and why?


Medical emergencies are defined as any condition that if left untreated may lead to patient morbidity or mortality. However if your definition of an emergency is any condition of a patient that raises your blood pressure or pulse rate - then you need to take this course.

Medical emergencies happen. Studies estimate that on average a practitioner will be faced with a medical emergency in the dental office at least once every two years. Some of these occurrences can be minor; some of these situations can be life-threatening. The good news for practitioners is that 75% of emergencies can be mitigated with good local anesthesia (pain control) and good stress reduction (sedation). For those few instances when an appropriate response could be life-saving, each practitioner must be prepared with a properly equipped emergency drug kit. The purpose of the course is to emphasize patient safety, and educate you on the seven essential drugs you must be familiar with to manage any medical emergency. Even though the right answer always includes dialing 9-1-1, you can start the chain of survival in your office.

Objectives to be covered:

þ Recognize the most common medical emergencies in the dental office.

þ Understand the importance of preparation and practicing with your Team.

þ Learn how to manage the most common medical emergencies in the dental office.

þ Know how to prepare the minimal dental emergency kit to include seven essential drugs.

þ Know how to use the essential drugs recommend for the minimal dental emergency kit.




Dr. Mark Donaldson received his baccalaureate degree from the University of British Columbia, and his Doctorate in Clinical Pharmacy from the University of Washington. He has further completed a residency at Canada's largest tertiary care facility, Vancouver General Hospital, and is the current Senior Executive Director of Pharmacy Advisory Services for Vizient, living in Whitefish, Montana. Dr. Donaldson is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Montana in Missoula, and Clinical Associate Professor in the School of Dentistry at the Oregon Health & Sciences University in Portland, Oregon. He has a special interest in dental pharmacology and has lectured internationally to both dental and medical practitioners. He has spent the last eighteen years focusing on dental pharmacology and the art of dental therapeutics, and has become a leader in this field of study. Dr. Donaldson has a number of published works in the peer-reviewed literature and spent three years in Japan focusing on cross-cultural communication and internationalization. He currently serves on the Editorial Board for the Journal of the American Dental Association. He is board certified in healthcare management and is the past-President of the American College of Healthcare Executives’ Montana Chapter. Dr. Donaldson was named as the 2014 recipient of the Bowl of Hygeia for the state of Montana and is the 2016 recipient of the Dr. Thaddeus V. Weclew Award. This award is conferred upon an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the art and science of dentistry and/or enhanced the principles and ideals of the Academy of General Dentistry.


Target Audience

This course is designed for dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, dental specialists.

Continuing Education

12 CE Credits


Early Bird Special if you register before December 2, 2018

  • Dentist: $525*
  • Staff: $225*


Registration after December 2, 2018

  • Dentist: $575*
  • Staff: $275*


*Price above is for CE Course ONLY. You will need to go to contact Cruise and Travel Partners at 610-399-4501 for cabin rates.



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Departure Aboard Norwegian Bliss Cruise ship

Pier 66/Bell Street Pier Cruise Terminal
2223 Alaskan Way
Seattle, WA 98121

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