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Tuesday, October 1, 2019 - Kansas City Regional Training Academy- Kansas City, MO

Police interactions with citizens are in the national spotlight. What previously wouldn't have made the local paper now makes national news. Officers need tools to effectively engage citizens in a professional manner without compromising their own safety in the process. That's why Dynamics of Officer/ Citizen Encounters was created. Through guided discussions, video analysis and case studies, participants will examine:

  • Current Research about the Threats to Officer Safety
  • Going Beyond the Buzzwords: A New Look at De-escalation
  • Know Your Authority: Keeping Contacts Lawful
  • Adaptive Decision Making: Tools for Increased Safety
  • What Pushes Your Buttons? Improving Emotional Intelligence
  • Unconditional Respect: An Officer Safety Tool


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Kansas City Regional Training Academy- Kansas City, MO

6885 NE Pleasant Valley Rd.
Room 303
Kansas City, MO 64119

What Others Are Saying
The Transformational Trainer course by Command Presence has been one of the most valuable courses our Instructors have ever taken. The commitment for training by all of the Command Presence Instructors creates a learning environment that not only provided new techniques and strategies to impart to our police officers, but also as police trainers, it revitalized the passion to make our officers and communities safer through dynamic training. I recommend the Transformational Trainer course to all agencies looking to take their police training to another level.
~Major, Miami Police Department

Command Presence came into our organization to deliver the Transformational Trainer and Designing Exceptional Training Programs. All I can really say is that if your training unit or organization hasn't brought Command Presence in for training, you're missing out! Truly professional and knowledgeable. Instructors will walk away with a new perspective on training
~Instructor, NYPD

I found the Command Presence presentation to be on point in all areas. The team was very professional, and it was obvious they spoke from a law-enforcement perspective that any officer can relate to. Definitely not the ho hum, check in the box training with a political narrative that is too often compartmentalized in programs that deal with officer/citizen encounters. The Think CLEAR Approach is remarkable to say the least.
~Captain, Georgia State Police

I attended.....actually my Captain told me I was attending Dynamics of Officer / Citizen Encounters” on a Monday after three 12 hour weekend shifts. Not exactly something I looked forward to. However, my expectations were blown out of the water. This turned out to be one of the better classes I've ever attended. Thanks!
~Police Officer, Texas