Understanding Behavior Strategies for Individuals with ASD

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Learning Objectives

Motivation and Reinforcement

How do we determine reinforcers?
-Preference assessments

How do we increase appropriate behaviors?
-Use of reinforcers and replacement behaviors

How do we make new adults and peers reinforcing?
-Look at pairing new individuals with reinforcement

Strategies to increase appropriate behaviors
-Differential reinforcement



Presented by:

Laura Ferguson, M.Ed., BCBA

Laura Ferguson is a Field Training Coordinator with the KY Autism Training Center. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Louisville. During her undergraduate years she began working in homes providing one on one therapy to children with Autism. She then went on to get her Master’s in Education with an emphasis in Autism from the University of Louisville and continued to work in homes providing therapy, training staff, and consulting with families. In 2010, Laura became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). After receiving her BCBA she moved to New York to work as an instructor at the Carbone Clinic. At the Kentucky Autism Training Center Laura provides direct training and technical assistance to education staff, social and community personnel, counselors, job coaches and families.


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