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Local Anesthesia and Nitrous Oxide Analgesia for Dental Hygienists

Course Director: Guy M. Furnish, DMD
Course Instructors: ULSD Faculty and Staff

Friday-Sunday, July 18-19-20, 2014 (Session I)
Saturday-Sunday, August 2-3, 2014 (Session II)

8:00 AM - 6:30 PM

(Sign-in 7:30 AM - 8:00 AM)

Lecture and Hands on: 46 CEUs

Education Method: Live Interactive Format

LOCATION: University of Louisville School of Dentistry - 501 South Preston Street
Louisville, KY 40202



This course is designed to provide the dental hygienists with the knowledge and skills necessary to
effectively administer block and infiltration anesthesia, as well as nitrous oxide analgesia. The course
will include classroom, laboratory, and clinical instruction. Participants will work in groups of two or
three and administer local anesthesia and nitrous oxide analgesia on each other.
Kentucky Board of Dentistry has approved this course for 46 CEUs of which 22.5 hours will be didactic instruction (20.5 specific to local anesthesia) and 23.5 laboratory hours. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will have completed the educational requirements for local
anesthesia and nitrous oxide credentialing in Kentucky 201 KAR 8:562E, Section 11).

Upon completion of this course, participants should have an understanding of:

1. Describe the physiological mechanism of nerve conduction and how local anesthetic agents prevent impulse transmission.
2. Locate hard and soft tissue landmarks associated with the various local anesthetic injections.
3. Describe the neuroanatomy of the trigeminal nerve.
4. Identify and assemble the armamentarium necessary for the administration of local anesthesia.
5. Demonstrate correct use of local anesthetic armamentarium.
6. Identify nerve, teeth, and soft tissue structures anesthetized with specific injections.
7. Perform a physical and psychological evaluation with emphasis on patients to receive local anesthesia.
8. Discuss the pharmacology of local anesthetic agents and vasoconstrictors commonly used in dentistry.
9. Calculate the maximum safe dose of local anesthetic agents and vasoconstrictors for individual patients.
10. Describe local and systemic complications that may occur with the administration of local anesthesia.
11. Discuss the management of local and systemic complications that may occur with the administration of local anesthesia.
12. Safely and effectively administer anterior superior alveolar, middle superior alveolar posterior superior alveolar, nasopalatine, greater palatine, inferior alveolar/lingual, long buccal, and mental nerve injections.
13. Differentiate between anesthesia and analgesia.
14. Describe the four stages of Guedel's Classification for anesthesia.
15. Discuss the pharmacology of nitrous oxide/oxygen conscious sedation.
16. List the beneficial and adverse effects of nitrous oxide/oxygen conscious sedation.
17. Identify the contraindications for nitrous oxide/oxygen conscious sedation.
18. Identify and demonstrate the use of equipment/armamentarium for nitrous oxide/oxygen conscious sedation.
19. Describe the three phases in administering nitrous oxide/oxygen conscious sedation.
20. Safely and effectively administer nitrous oxide/oxygen conscious sedation.

In addition, each participant will be required to complete a current medical history form (forms will be provided by the University of Louisville School of Dentistry). Attendance for all class, laboratory and clinical sessions is required. Completion of assigned readings from the assigned textbook is expected prior to each class. A definitive review of injection sites and techniques will be further developed through the use of lecture, videotapes, and hands-on exercises. It is suggested that you wear scrubs. No open-toed shoes are permitted in the course

Each participant will be expected to be both an operator and patient, unless a medical condition precludes the safe administration of local anesthesia. If you are unable to participate as a partner during the clinical portion, you must provide a replacement.

Each participant is expected to professionally contribute to the course. This is demonstrated by attending class, being on time, being prepared (coming to class with an awareness of the subject under discussion, wearing appropriate clinical attire, appropriately disinfecting, setting up and breaking down the operatory, following required infection control guidelines, evaluating medical histories of clinical partners, recording legal progress notes, etc.) and contributing to the class discussion.

Each participant must demonstrate competent administration of nitrous oxide sedation and local anesthesia for each of the stated injections according to state regulations. Each participant must successfully complete a comprehensive written examination covering coursework and clinical training in local anesthesia. A score of 75 or better is required.


1. Submit with registration copy of Dental Hygiene license.
2. Submit with registration copy of Liability Insurance.
3. Submit with registration copy of current CPR card, front and back.
4. Required Text: Any one of the following are acceptable:

- Handbook of Local Anesthesia, 6th Edition, by Dr. Stanley Malamed; ISBN#0-323-02449-1 or 
- Local Anesthesia for the Dental Hygienist, 1st. Edition, by Demetra Daskalos Logothetis; ISBN #978-0323-07371-4 or 
- Dental Hygiene Theory and Practice, 3rd. Edition, by M.D. Darby and M. M. Walsh; ISBN #978-1-4160-5357-6. 

Available at U of L Book Store (502) 852-5284 or most bookstores 

Professional office scrubs, closed-toed shoes and protective eyewear.

About Guy M. Furnish, DMD:

Dr. Furnish is an Associate Professor in the Department of Orthodontic, Pediatric, and Geriatric Dentistry at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. He did his undergraduate work at the University of Louisville and received his DMD from the University of Kentucky in 1972. Although a general practitioner, he has taught Pediatric Dentistry since 1975 at Louisville and maintains a one-day a week general practice in the School’s Faculty Practice. For years he has been the Freshman Class Advisor and his official title is Director of DMD Pediatric Dentistry.

AllULSD Faculty are licensedpractitioners in the state of Kentucky. ULSD Faculty have no relevant financial relationships to disclose pertaining to this course.


FEES: On-Line Registration by 7/11/2014 11:59 PM On-Site Registration
Tuition: $1,630 Not Available

Register On-Line: (American Express, Discover, Mastercard or VISA only)


We reserve the right to cancel, modify date, revise course content, revise program faculty and activities. Pre-registered participants will be notified if a course is revised or cancelled, as warranted. In the event a course is cancelled, tuition will be refunded. 

All registrations are subject to the ULSD Cancellation Policy.

This is a 'limited' attendance course.

ULSD must receive your written request for cancellation not later than four weeks prior to course start date to process a refund. A $75 processing fee will be deducted from the refund. Course Registrants who are a 'NO-SHOW' forfeit course tuition.

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