2022-2023 | Responding to Challenging Behaviors

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This course is self-paced, open year round, and starts when you decide to begin.

End power struggles, frustration, and confusion about what to do when children hit, yell, talk back, ignore directions, refuse to participate, or engage in other challenging behaviors.

You can’t control what happens to children before they walk into your classroom – the trauma they have experienced or the behaviors that they have learned in other places – but you can control the environment you create, and how you respond when challenging behavior occurs. You’ll finish this online course feeling confident and competent when it comes to handling challenging behavior.

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After successful completion of the online training, participants will receive their certificate along with log in information and the code to download a free eText copy of: “Challenging Behavior in Young Children: Understanding, Preventing and Responding Effectively, 4th edition'.


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