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Digital Accessibility Training and Development Series - Spring 2018

Please see session descriptions below. Participants can register for multiple events.


Registration now open through 4/16/2018 11:59 PM

Session Descriptions
(Caption This!): Everything you wanted to know about closed-captioning but were afraid to ask
This informational session will provide a fun and informative look at the process for closed-captioning of digital videos and resources to find captioned content. Participants will learn how Student Accessibility Services assists in creating captioned content for registered students. Best practices, audio and video web accessibility standards, and basic technical captioning terminology will also be discussed.

Ahead of the curve: Finding and evaluating accessible course materials
In collaboration with University Libraries, this informational session and hands-on workshop will share techniques for locating accessible course materials for use in face-to-face and online classes. Participants will learn how to search for and explore resources within their own discipline and learn how to evaluate digital content for accessibility. Best practices for planning and allocation of digital course materials will also be discussed.

Recipe for success: Baking accessibility into your digital materials
This informational session and hands-on workshop will showcase ways to 'bake' accessibility into digital materials for documents used in business/university processes as well as face-to-face and online classes. Participants will learn how to use features in Microsoft Word to edit a document for accessibility, including tips on how to use styles for headers, creating alt-text for images and crafting meaningful hyperlinks.

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Kent State University is committed to making its work environment, programs and activities accessible to those individuals with disabilities.

For employee, faculty and staff accessibility needs contact the Office of Compliance, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, at 330-672-3040 or email

For student accessibility needs contact the office of Student Accessibility Services, at 330-672-3391 or

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