A Mirror to the Mind: Metacognitive Practices to Help Students Learn How They Learn

May 14, 8:30am - 3:30pm
May 15, 8:45am - 12:00pm
- Moulton Hall Ballroom -

Commonly described as “thinking about thinking,” metacognition is the basis for “self-regulated learning,” reflections, and other activities that help students plan, monitor, and evaluate their own learning. By teaching students to learn how they learn, we're engendering a continuously valuable and renewable skill that will help them to succeed in your class, their studies, and throughout their lives!

Sneak Peak: Dr. Saundra McGuire speaking about Metacognition (YouTube, 2:02)

To best experience this Learning Institute, join this event with your colleagues from your unit. Registration will allow you to register as a team. If you don't have a team in mind, please register individually and we'll find a team for you. Teams size should be 3 or more.

Tentative schedule

Tuesday, May 14 - includes lunch

  1. Dr. Saundra McGuire (Louisiana State University) Saundra's biography
  2. Breakout Session
  3. Large-Group Workshop
  4. Strategy Development/Case Study Activity
    Assessment of Metacognition where do we see it and how do they know it

Wednesday, May 15

  1. Dr. Saundra McGuire (Louisiana State University)
  2. Kent State Showcase of Metacognition


For questions regarding this event, contact Dr. Jeffrey Pellegrino (jpelleg1@kent.edu).

Kent State University is committed to making its programs and activities accessible to those individuals with disabilities. If you need a reasonable accommodation, please contact Amy Quillin, Student Accessibility Services, at 330-672-3391 or aquillin@kent.edu.



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