Neuro-Developmental Treatment for the Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Treating the Movement Challenges of ASD
Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Kim Barthel, OTR

Kim Barthel is an international speaker, teacher and author from Canada. Kim is an advanced neuro-developmental treatment (NDT) instructor, a sensory integration instructor, and an Occupational Therapist with 35+ years' experience who trains therapists and educators the world over on many topics. Kim's special interests include complex behaviour, neurobiology, attachment theory, trauma and mental health. Her mission is to support the conscious evolution of the human spirit.


Course Description:

The movement challenges of Autism are often neglected in the treatment perspective offered by the Occupational therapist or Physical Therapist working with children with ASD. Current motor control literature and neurobiological research highlight the motor systems impairments in this growing population of epidemic proportion. Neuro-Developmental Treatment is a frame of reference guiding therapists in their understanding of the analysis and treatment of posture and movement traditionally in children with cerebral palsy. This course will take the concepts of NDT and bridge them into the analysis and treatment of posture and movement in ASD. Comparison and contrast between ASD motor patterns and typical development will be highlighted offering a basis for the facilitation of new motor learning through hands on practical labs.


Course objectives:

  1. The learner will acquire a preliminary understanding of the neurobiology of movement disorders in ASD.

  2. The learner will develop an introductory understanding of the concepts of Neuro-Developmental Treatment.

  3. The learner will acquire a comparative understanding between typical motor development and the motor control issues in ASD.

  4. The learner will acquire introductory skills in hands on facilitation of movement patterns in the child with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


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