Extraction Socket Management and Minor Ridge Augmentation
  • Saturday, February 24, 2018 
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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MOHAMED MAKSOUD, D.M.D. Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Periodontology, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine; Department of Oral Medicine, Infection and Immunity, Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

KEVIN GUZE, D.M.D., D.Med.Sc. Post Graduate Periodontology Faculty, Department of Oral Medicine, Infection, and Immunity, Harvard School of Dental Medicine 

Course Details

Implantology is arguably the most significant discipline in dentistry at present. It has become a source of intellectual pursuit as well as patient referrals. Advances in all areas of implant dentistry are occurring at record paces. In the current medico-legal climate, it is important that all practitioners, especially those starting out in implant dentistry, become knowledgeable in all areas.


The evolution of soft and hard tissue grafting progressed from autogenous harvesting in the 1960's to allografts in the 1980's to mesenchymal stem cells around the turn of the century. Due to recent integration of biomedical engineering and clinicians, 3D printers are now used to print cells and simulate tissue regeneration ready for human transplant.


In this course, participants will learn how to choose bone graft material and apply bone grafts for predictable results. They will also become familiar with ridge augmentation, sinus augmentation, titanium mesh, membranes, and techniques for extraction socket preservation. Additional course topics include:


  • Bone histology and healing
  • The essential components for bone formation
  • The role of mesenchymal stem cells in tissue regeneration
  • The role of Amnion membrane in promoting ridge augmentation


Learning Objectives
  • Learn about different types of bone grafting material
  • Practice applying bone grafts, titanium mesh and membrane for predictable results on models under the supervision of the speakers.
  • Review background information on the history of grafting
  • Become familiar with ridge and extraction socket augmentation

CE Credits

Participation: Credit Hours - 7

AGD Code: 310


This course is supported by: Salvin Dental Specialties, Inc.

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