Dimensions of Equity in Education, Queens RPC

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Registration open through 3/14/2023 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

This professional learning is designed to address Dimensions of Equity in Education.
This Training is organized into 3 parts
Section 1: Grounding in Equity & Culture and the NYSED Culturally Responsive Sustaining Education Framework (CRSE) which informs our work as Culturally Responsive Practitioners.
Section 2: Participants will explore concepts of Equity in their organization’s policies and procedures through unpacking Zaretta Hammond’s Dimensions of Equity Tool
Section 3: Review a case study of Socio-Cultural Awareness which is an understanding of the role culture plays in educational processes & systems.
Culturally Responsive Education Specialists will use the content of this package to foster discussion around equity with different groups of stakeholders in EOs.
Educators will come away understanding concepts of equity, culture and socio-cultural awareness in EOs. Educators will review portions of the NYSED CRSE Framework to internalize culturally responsive-sustaining mindsets and practices in the classroom with students and families related to discipline procedures, family engagement, and diversity in curriculum. Educators will also be grounded in the goals of culturally responsive pedagogy for fostering independent learning and rigor through providing responsive scaffolds for marginalized student groups.

Continuing Education
CTLE: Hours - 1.5


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