Alternatives to Suspension- Day 1, Queens RPC


2:00 PM-3:30 PM
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The issue of in and out-of-school suspensions of all students, including students with disabilities, who demonstrate escalated classroom behavior, has become controversial and divisive leaving many staff members at odds. This two-day training package, designed for building level administrators and teachers, is intended to help participants understand that exclusionary practices have significant short and long-term negative effects on academic, social-emotional, health and wellness, and family outcomes of students and that there are alternative approaches to discipline that lead to improved student outcomes. Participants will ground themselves in a common understanding of suspension, removal, and discipline, as well as influences, impacts, policies and procedures that contribute to the on-going suspension crisis in schools today. Throughout these two days, participants will learn and explore effective research-based strategies for responding to student behavior and appropriate alternatives to suspension, which have significantly fewer negative impacts on student or family outcomes.
Building level administrators, teachers, school psychologists and counselors will understand the purpose of using alternatives to suspension. They will gain knowledge of the recent research on school suspensions, examine scenarios when alternatives to suspension may be used to change behavior, learn how a systemic change on the approach to discipline and problem behavior can affect school climate, and learn about practical, replicable, research-based strategies to use as effective and proactive alternatives to suspension.

Continuing Education
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NYC Department of Education - Special Education Office


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