Below is a list of the Health and Safety topic areas required by the CCDF plan that must be completed by June 30 2017.  SWCDC, currently offers the following trainings to help you meet each of those requirements as well as to further your knowledge on health and safety topics relevant to the needs of the children in your care.

Please refer to the following list to find trainings that are approved for the following topic areas.  You may want to check back often as trainings are added. 

Required topic areas:

1. Prevention and control of infectious diseases, including immunization;

  1. Nitpicking: Head Lice Helpline
  2. Eww...The Flu!
  3. BSAC-Basic School Age Care
  4. Zero in on Zika Virus
  5. Children's Health and Safety Essentials (CHASE)

2. Administration of Medication, with parental consent

  1. BSAC-Basic School Age Care
  2. Children's Health and Safety Essentials (CHASE)
  3. Beyond Bandaids

3. Prevention of and response to emergencies due to food and allergic reactions;

  1. Nuts, Trees & Bees...Oh My! Allergens in Early Care & Education

4. Building and physical premises safety, including identification of and protection from hazards that can cause bodily injury such as electrical hazards, bodies of water, and vehicular traffic;

  1. Up in Smoke (or Vape)
  2. BSAC-Basic School Age Care
  3. Children's Health and Safety Essentials (CHASE)
  4. Playground Safety

5. Emergency preparedness and response planning for emergencies resulting from a natural disaster, or a man-caused event;

  1. Emergency Preparedness and Response in Child Care
  2. BSAC Basic School Age Care
  3. Children's Health and Safety Essentials (CHASE)

6. Handling and storage of hazardous materials and the appropriate disposal of biocontaminants;

  1. From Nosebleeds to Needle Sticks: Encounters with Bloodborne Pathogens
  2. Children's Health and Safety Essentials (CHASE)

7. Precautions in transporting children, if applicable;

  1. Get Ready Get Set Go!-Field Trip Safety
  2. BSAC Basic School Age Care
  3. Children's Health and Safety Essentials (CHASE)

8. Prevention of shaken baby syndrome and abusive head trauma

  1. Shaking Hurts: Abusive Head Trauma

9.  CRP & First Aid

10. "Recognizing and Responding to Suspicions of Child Maltreatment" as required in Rule .0705(g)

Please visit Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina to attend the recommended course to meet this requirement.

11. Prevention of sudden infant death syndrome and use of safe sleeping practices.