Finishing What We Started Commitment


 1. Blue Springs 
 2. Downtown 
 3. Leawood 
 4. Overland Park 
 5. West 
 6. None 

Yes! I/we want to support The Church of the Resurrection's Capital Campaign "Finishing What We Started."


 Weekly for 157 weeks 
 Semi-monthly for 72 periods 
 Monthly for 36 months 
 As follows 
 Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)    {View Details }
 Online - I/We will set up a Pushpay online giving account. (From a computer, go to; from a mobile device, text COR to the number 77977)    {View Details }
 CASH or Check    {View Details }
 Appreciated Stock/Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD)    {View Details }
 Gifts-in-Kind - I/We will contact the Finance Department to make arrangements for this gift.    {View Details }

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