Congregation Statement of Intent - 2021

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Mission Support for Synod and ELCA Churchwide Ministries

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In 2020, our congregation gave the following dollar amount and percentage of our "regular offerings from members" to the synod as undesignated* mission support for synod and ELCA churchwide ministries beyond our congregation.


In 2021, our congregation's total "regular offerings from members" will be:


As a sign of our commitment to give our first and best beyond our congregation, we plan to give the following percentage of this "regular offerings from members" as undesignated* mission support for Synod and ELCA churchwide ministries beyond our congregation in 2021



Based on our projections, we estimate that this percentage will amount to:


Thank you for giving your first and best for the sake of Christ's mission in the world through your partnership with the larger church.


* Undesignated Mission Support, also known as benevolence, is money congregations give with NO specific purpose specified or stipulated, for use in wider church ministries. The synod gives a percentage of these dollars to the ELCA churchwide ministries as undesignated mission support from the synod. In 2021, the synod's commitment is 50%.


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