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Event Name: IDEA Preferred Partners

YES! We would like to be a Preferred Partner of the International Dance Entrepreneurs Association!



                                                           Please be sure your offer (below) is one that is available to all IDEA
                                                           members equally, whether they are existing customers of yours or not. 

*I understand:
 That this partnership agreement is for a minimum term of one year. 
*I understand:
 That we can update our offer at any time. 
*I understand:
 This offer is exclusive to I.D.E.A. members. 
*I understand:
 Acceptance in the I.D.E.A. Preferred Partner program is subject to the approval of the I.D.E.A. management, at their sole discretion. 
*I understand:
 Our application is not complete without the application form filled out in its entirety as well as submission of our logo to 

                                                                            Please email two logos: one hi-res (300dpi) jpg; one png format
                                                                            with no background, to
                                                                            Just let us know if you need help with this.


Please let us know if there is a different representative from your company other than yourself that we should refer customers to regarding this offer:

  {Checking this option will save your information for future registrations}



Questions? Call us at 508-285-6650 (M-F, 9am-5pm EST)