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Event Name: Masters Certificate in Project Management -February 2017
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 I understand that Admission as a Special Student does not imply acceptance as a regular student in the Graduate School 
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*Method of Payment: Employer Payment Option Credit Card
*Please select the course offerings from the list below.:
 Managing Projects - The Fundamentals MBA & BIA 501  $895.00
 Managing Projects - The Fundamentals with Software Tools Applied MBA & BIA 502  $1,134.00
 Mastering Project Management - Real World Agile MBA & BIA 705  $895.00
 Mastering Project Management MBA & BIA 706  $1,134.00
 Project Management PMP Exam Prep 5.0 MBA & BIA 707A $1,599.00
 PMI ACP Agile Certified Practitioner MBA & BIA 7071  $1,599.00