2021-2022 Family Registration Form

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*I give permission for all my child(ren)'s Catechist, Aide, or Saint Kateri Faith Formation Minister to take photographs and/or videos of my child(ren) to post on Saint Kateri Social Media platforms and/or written material.:
*I give permission for my child/children to participate in online meetings with any Catechist, Saint Kateri Faith Formation Minister via ZOOM, TEAMS, or other online meeting platforms:
*I am aware that all my child(ren) will be presented this year Empowering God's children program. Additional information will be provided upon request.:


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By my signature I hereby acknowledge and agree to the release and waiver selections I have made during the time of registration. Should any additional changes be applied after I register I am aware that I would need to provide a signed and written notification to the Faith Formation Center.

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This year Saint Kateri is offering two types of Faith Formation experiences!

 Experience 1:  Family Sessions

This experience is for families who have a child in their first or second year of preparation for First Reconciliation and First Communion.  At Family Formation the entire family joins in on the monthly sessions.



Note: Registration Fees are as follows:

Families registering 1 child - $95.00

Families registering 2 children - $190.00 

Families registering 3 or more children - $275.00 

**Please be aware that your end balance may not reflect the fees listed above, however, please follow the above prices when writing your check.**

*What type of formation experience will you be signing up for:
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