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11/30/2022 9:30 AM
Foundations of Indigenous Ways of Knowing in Curricula Series: Decolonization and Indigenization: Finding our Way Along the Path
Spaces Remaining: 30
This webinar will talk about how Decolonization and Indigenization can be defined in a variety of contexts and frames of reference, and then bring us to a common understanding of the thoughts and feelings behind each. As both Indigenous peoples and Settlers, this conversational style workshop will allow us to find the ways in which we can collectively and individually work towards becoming more connected so we may build strong and healthy co-existences within the places and spaces we share. We will both teach and share with one another as we work towards achieving respectful, reciprocal, and mutually beneficial changes in our own relationships, and look forward to creating lasting and impactful institutional changes towards meaningful reconciliation.
Virtual - Zoom
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Disability Justice in Higher Education: A Conversation with Jeff Preston
Spaces Remaining: 42
Dr. Preston is an associate professor of Disability Studies at King's University College at Western University where he teaches classes on disability, popular culture and policy. A long-time advocate and motivational speaker, Jeff's work focuses on the intersection of disability, subjectivity, biopower and culture. Jeff's first book, The Fantasy of Disability, was published in 2017 by Routledge.
Virtual - Zoom
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Microactions: Moves in Research, Teaching, and Service that can Shift Equity Creeds into Deeds
Spaces Remaining: 47
Dr. Sensoy's primary field of research is social justice education. Social justice education seeks to reveal how social inequities become embedded in the fabric of society, and to identify strategies for socially just change. Her research examines the opportunities and barriers inherent in advancing a more equitable society, through social justice education. In doing so, Dr. Sensoy studies a dual track: analyzing how inequities are reproduced in social institutions (such as schools, media, policing), and identifying constructive interventions to interrupt them (such as thinking critically about knowledge, pedagogical approaches, and political activism). Her scholarship draws on and contributes to fields that include: social justice education, multicultural education, critical pedagogy, cultural studies, Islam & Middle East studies, popular culture, critical media literacy, feminist postcolonial theory, and visual research methods.
Virtual - Zoom