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Admission Campus Visits
Upcoming Event
August8/27/2019Campus Visit

8/28/2019Campus Visit

8/29/2019Campus Visit

8/30/2019Campus Visit

September9/2/2019University Closed - Labor Day

9/3/2019Campus Visit

9/4/2019Campus Visit

9/5/2019Campus Visit

9/6/2019Campus Visit

9/9/2019Campus Visit

9/11/2019Campus Visit

9/12/2019Campus Visit

9/13/2019Campus Visit

9/16/2019Campus Visit

9/17/2019Campus Visit

9/18/2019Campus Visits - Not Available

9/19/2019Campus Visit

9/20/2019Campus Visit

9/23/2019Campus Visit

9/24/2019Campus Visit

9/25/2019Campus Visit

9/26/2019Campus Visit

9/27/2019Campus Visit

9/30/2019Campus Visit

October10/1/2019Campus Visit

10/2/2019Campus Visit

10/3/2019Campus Visit

10/4/2019Campus Visits - Not Available

10/5/2019Rumble in the Jungle

10/7/2019Campus Visit

10/8/2019Campus Visit

10/9/2019Campus Visit

10/10/2019Campus Visit

10/11/2019Campus Visit

10/14/2019Campus Visit

10/15/2019Campus Visit

10/16/2019Campus Visit

10/17/2019Campus Visit

10/18/2019Campus Visit

10/21/2019Campus Visit

10/22/2019Campus Visit

10/23/2019Campus Visit

10/24/2019Campus Visit

10/25/2019Campus Visit

10/28/2019Campus Visit

10/29/2019Campus Visit

10/30/2019Campus Visit

10/31/2019Campus Visit

November11/1/2019Campus Visit

11/4/2019Campus Visit

11/5/2019Campus Visit

11/6/2019Campus Visit

11/7/2019Campus Visit

11/8/2019Campus Visit

11/11/2019Campus Visit

11/12/2019Campus Visit

11/13/2019Campus Visit

11/14/2019Campus Visit

11/15/2019Campus Visit

11/18/2019Campus Visit

11/19/2019Campus Visit

11/20/2019Campus Visit

11/21/2019University Closed - Holiday Break

11/22/2019University Closed - Holiday Break

11/25/2019Campus Visit

11/26/2019Campus Visit

11/27/2019Campus Visit

11/28/2019Campus Visit

11/29/2019Campus Visit

December12/2/2019Campus Visit

12/3/2019Campus Visit

12/4/2019Campus Visit

12/5/2019Campus Visit

12/6/2019Campus Visit

12/9/2019Campus Visit

12/10/2019Campus Visit

12/11/2019Campus Visit

12/12/2019Campus Visit

12/13/2019Campus Visit

12/16/2019Campus Visits - Not Available

12/17/2019Campus Visits - Not Available

12/18/2019Campus Visits - Not Available

12/19/2019Campus Visits - Not Available

12/20/2019Campus Visits - Not Available

12/23/2019University Closed - Winter Break

12/24/2019University Closed - Winter Break

12/25/2019University Closed - Winter Break

12/26/2019University Closed - Winter Break

12/27/2019University Closed - Winter Break

12/30/2019University Closed - Winter Break

12/31/2019University Closed - Winter Break



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