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 Transfer Pitt CARES
Transfer Pitt CARES (Campus Advisement, Registration, and Enrollment Services) is an event for transfer students who are prepared to enroll for the upcoming semester. Transfer Pitt CARES allows those prepared transfer students to meet with an academic adviser, participate in early enrollment, and check their financial aid status. Although Transfer Pitt CARES is not required, it is highly recommended for the best selection of classes. Transfer Pitt CARES is held in November for new transfer students entering in the spring semester and in April and July for students entering in the summer or fall semesters. Registration materials are sent approximately one month prior to the event to transfer students who have applied and been accepted to Pitt State. Please note: The most recent graduating high school class students are NOT considered transfer students regardless of the number of college credit hours they have completed. These students need to register for FRESHMEN PITT CARES. These students who register for Transfer Pitt CARES will have their registration canceled.
 Transfer Tuesdays
Transfer Tuesdays give prospective transfer students the opportunity to visit Pitt State and get the information they need to become a Gorilla! During Transfer Tuesdays, you will get information about admission, scholarships and financial aid for transfer students, and transferring credit. This event also includes a campus tour, lunch in our dining hall and an appointment with a faculty member in your major.
November11/7/2017Transfer Tuesday
Registration Closed

11/13/2017Transfer Pitt CARES - November 13, 2017
Registration Closed

11/14/2017Transfer Pitt CARES - November 14, 2017
Registration Closed

11/28/2017Transfer Tuesday
Registration Closed

February2/6/2018Transfer Tuesday

March3/6/2018Transfer Tuesday

April4/3/2018Transfer Tuesday

4/16/2018Transfer Pitt CARES - April 16, 2018

4/17/2018Transfer Pitt CARES - April 17, 2018



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