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Welcome to Summer School Registration

Account Creation: Accounts must be created before selecting classes. You are able to add multiple students to the account ahead of time by using "Create Account" in the toolbar above after the first student is created.

User accounts are NOT kept from year to year.  A new account must be created every year. There are no waiting lists.

Please complete all steps in the process as uncompleted registrations will result in voided classes. 

Registration for Grades K-9 Academy, Husky Academy, High School Credit Recovery and Special Education-Functional Skills are by invite only. To register for these specific classes: 


Click down arrow on Topic, select class type, click Search Events, select class.  Do not select a Grade nor Time Frame.


 How to Register once the student account is created 
1.  Log into your account or complete one of the following:
Already Have an Account (Created this year)  Do Not have an Account Forgot your Login ID and / or Password
Click Login  Click Create a New Account Click Forgot your Login ID and/or Password?
Enter Login ID and Password Complete registration form (add multiple children) Enter your Email Address
Click Here to Login Click Submit Registration Click Request Login information
  Record Login ID and Password for future use  
2.  Select Grade  (next year grade for all classes INCLUDING the academy classes)
3.  Select Time Frame
4.  Click Search Events
5.  Select class by using the "Register Now" button
6.  Click Register now - Individual Registration (If link is not available, event page will indicate "Event Full")